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Have you ever been to one of your local strip clubs? Unless you live in a major city, like New York, LA, Chicago or even a Miami, chances are the girls there you might say, a bit lacking in the quality stripper department. Sure, there are going to be some girls who are alright, but chances are you just are not going to write home about it (of course, if you are home, you're just not going to tell anyone about it). So, what in the world do you do if you want to check out some prized private dancer displays but you can't really find one where you are at right now?

If you're looking for the purest water in the world, where do you go? The source, of course. The girls at your local strip club are to tap water as a beautiful exotic dancer in Sin City is to the fresh spring water atop Mt. Fuji. There is just no way to compare the to. Sure, you might think tap water is alright and you get by with it while at home, but once you have that fresh, clean and pure water hit your lips, you realize you've been living a lie your entire life and that you just can't ever go back to what you're use to. You'll find the same is true with the call girls and beautiful exotic dancer options found out in the Nevada desert.

Bachelor Party Ideas

Now, you probably are not going to be comparing a stripper to pure drinking water in order to get your buddies down to head out to Sin City for the bachelor party. In all honesty, if you need to convince your friends to even go to Vegas, you might need to find new friends. With so much to see and do beyond just a private dance, there's something for everyone, and, if everything works out, it should be the only bachelor party for the groom to be, so you might as well take advantage of the situation (worst comes to worst, if it doesn't work out, hey at least you get to come back to Sin City the next time he gets engages).

While planning the trip, you can check out all the fine strip clubs online. Most of the best ones have not only pictures of the clubs itself but of the girls as well. Once you pick your jaw up off the floor and wipe the condensation off of the computer screen, you'll fully understand just how the clubs in Vegas are different from the clubs back home. However, there is even another step above what the strip clubs are able to offer you. It is called an escort, and you life will never be the same after you experience the thrill of being with one.

Bachelor Party Escorts

With the bachelor party strippers, you essential prearrange the girls before hand. Now, you can always roll the dice and wait until you arrive to see who you go with, and while the city is known for its gambling, wouldn't you rather know that the perfect girls are there, already reserved, instead of just going in blindly and trying to pick up whoever is still available for the evening? Yes, the girls are still going to be beautiful, but the one you had your eye on after checking them out online just might no longer be there. Really, after booking the flight and the hotel, this is the next thing you need to book and check out.

The escorts are going to do things that a stripper at the local strip clubs are just not able to do. Sure, the exotic dancer can give you a great show in the club, after you finally grab her attention and win her over from the other guys in the club. With the escorts, she is all you and your buddies and you don't need to worry about other guys swooping in to steal her away. You can also take in what is known as the GFE. Short for girlfriend experience, who doesn't like a beautiful woman wrapped around their arms, blowing their dice for good luck or giving them that nice kiss on the neck while playing cars. There's the rubbing of the leg, the whispering in the ear and everything else that is enough to set your world on fire and drive you crazy from the thrill of it. Yes, it is only for the one night (or for the weekend, if you really want to take it to the next level), but everyone deserves to live their fantasy for at least one evening. Life's to short to never pretend from time to time. You'll be very glad you sampled the water.